Algae Scraper

If you have a glass aquarium, one of the best tools you can use is a rectangular painting razor blade if you don’t mind getting wet. This will quickly cut through any lime and calcium deposits around the rim of the aquarium. It is also especially useful for removing coralline algae if you have a saltwater aquarium. There are also plastic holders that make the blade easier to grip and it prevents your thumb from getting tired.

Magnetic Algae Scraper

Another one of my favorite tools is a floating algae magnet. This is a nice a way to keep your saltwater aquarium walls looking good in between major cleanings. Be sure to buy a floating algae magnet because your children, friends or family will play with it and will eventually come unattached. That way you can avoid sticking your hand into the tank. Another tip is to keep the magnet out of the gravel as little particles of sand can get caught in between the magnet and glass, which can causes scratches.

Algae Scraper Removal Tips

Another useful tool is an algae scraper on a long stick. This allows you to access hard to reach places and keeps you from getting your whole arm wet. A toothbrush also makes a good algae scraper and can help to clean plastic tubes and aquarium filters.