Aquarium Moonlight

An Aquarium Moonlight is a popular product used for illuminating your saltwater aquarium for nighttime viewing. These LED lights were first featured on power compact lights, like the Coralife Aqualight, but have become a standard upgrade on most Fish Aquarium Lights. Most of the moonlights feature a one watt white or blue LED light.

Aquarium Moonlight Tips

Typically one aquarium moonlight can cover a two by two foot area, but larger sets of lunar lights are being used in newer lighting fixtures. Many products claim that the lunar lights help promote spawning and they probably do to some extent, but most aquarists simply enjoy viewing their tank at night. Different nocturnal creatures like copepods, starfish, shrimp, crabs and snails start to come out when the lights are off and can now be observed.

Corals and Aquarium Moonlight

You will also find that many corals begin to extend their polyps. Most noticeably non-photosynthetic corals like sun coral, firecracker, carnation, chili and gorgonians will begin to feed. You’ll also see that many LPS corals like brains will put out long sweeper tentacles. This will also help you with your aquascaping because you will have a better idea of how much room each coral will require. This is also the ideal time to feed your saltwater aquarium phytoplankton or reef snow. An Aquarium Moonlight is a good investment for any fish aquarium and it really adds to the experience of keeping a saltwater fish tank. You may see moonlight spelled moonlite by some manufactures.