Biocube Aquarium

The Biocube Aquarium with HQI lighting offers a quality design combined with superior performance to make reef keeping easy. The high intensity 150 watt HQI metal halide bulb creates an ideal spectrum and is cooled by internal fans. With this light you can keep nearly every species of coral including Acropora and Tridacna clam species like Maxima and Crocea. One major difference between the HQI aquarium hood and the power compact hood is that the HQI top features a clear glass canopy for top down viewing. You’ll also notice much brighter colors in your corals when viewing top down compared to through the sides of the glass.

Biocube Aquarium Stand

You may also want to put your aquarium on a matching stand to showcase its beauty. These stands feature a water resistance finish and predrilled holes for electrical cords. The Biocube fish tank stand is easy to assemble and provides a nice place store your maintenance equipment. Some online retailers will even offer a free stand with the purchase of a Biocube aquarium.

Biocube Aquarium Pictures

Below are some photos of this nano aquarium and optional Biocube Aquarium stand.

Biocube Aquarium