Biorb Review

I am impressed with these little aquariums. The Biorb Aquarium company has transformed the traditional fish aquarium into a sleek, modern work of art. If you plan to keep fish other than bettas, goldfish or guppies, then I recommend purchasing a Biorb kit labeled “Tropical Aquarium” because it contains a small heater. Most tropical freshwater fish like tetras, cichlids, cory catfish, barbs and mollies prefer a temperature between 76 and 80 degrees.

My Biorb Review

Maintenance is easy and should be performed every month, but you could probably get away with every two months. You will need to replace the filter cartridge, so be sure to always have an extra one on hand. When you remove the filter it is normal for some debris to come up, you may use a small gravel vacuum to siphon it out if you desire. Be sure to treat the top off water with a conditioner to remove chlorine. You can also scrub the walls with a soft acrylic scrubbing pad. Do not use a glass scrubbing pad as it will scratch the acrylic.

Biorb Review Summary

Overall, the Biorb Fish Tank is well built and is a nice all in one system, especially for the price. It has better parts than most other aquarium kits. You may find that the air pump stops producing bubbles and needs to be replaced after a year. This is fairly common, be sure to purchase an air pump labelled silent or quiet as louder models can be quite annoying in a bedroom. Be sure to get the best deal by shopping around as different online fish stores will have different prices.