Bulk Reef Supply Eco Rock Review

I have the luxury of living right next to suppliers of Eco Rock which is Bulk Reef Supply. They are a reputable company and the owners are Ryan and Andrew. Customer service is very good there and they go the extra mile to help customers. I’ve been a customer since they started the business and it’s been fun watching them grow. When you are actually at their facility it’s nice to see how the operation works, and customers are definitely their main priority. They also have unique products that are fairly priced.

Eco Rock

One of their best products is their Eco Rock line. It is essentially dry or base live rock that is comparable to Marco Rock. In fact, a couple varieties may be the same thing. So you may be wondering if base rock works well for a saltwater aquarium. Yes, base rock is a nice affordable way to start a saltwater aquarium. You will probably want a few pieces of actual aquarium live rock to help seed the tank and provide additional life and bacteria.

Now I’ve seen several varieties of dry live rock come in and out of Bulk Reef Supply, so the available lines may be different from time to time. Their MOST POPULAR LIVE ROCK is their Pukani Live Rock. It is ultra porous and really goes far for your money. You probably need half to three quarters of a pound per gallon. The rock is average clean compared to the other rock available.

Eco Rock Base Live Eock

Now here if the advantage of being able to go there in person. Most online shopper don’t realize the Reef Saver Rock is the BEST LIVE ROCK they offer and is slightly heavier. It is definitely the cleanest dry rock they keep in stock and also has the fewest nutrients in it. I like the shapes of this Eco rock and it is easy to stack. When I go through the bins and hand select pieces for my personal aquarium, there are always an abundance of good shapes and sizes.

Their Fiji rock is by far the dirtiest and heaviest rock. It does make for good bases in your aquascaping, but you don’t want more than 30% of your tank done in this rock. The sizes and shapes are very similar and it’s hard to truly find a unique piece. It’s better to go with another variety of Eco rock for forming arches and columns.