Cerith Snail

Cerith Snails are active film algae eating and sand sifting snails. They are most active at night time and will feed on detritus, left over food and fish waste. Burrowing in the sand helps to prevent the build of harmful chemicals and increases oxygen levels in the substrate.

About the Cerith Snail

The Cerith Snail will do best in tanks with live sand or aragonite. It is not uncommon for these snails to lay eggs in captivity, but most of the baby aquarium snails are eaten by fish or sucked into the protein skimmer.

Cerith Snail Clean Up Crew

These snails are native to the Caribbean and Mexico and make excellent additions to any reef tank. One sand sifting snail is recommended per one to two gallons. Cerith snails will not tolerate high levels of nitrate or copper in the water. The cerith snail is typically very hardy, but be sure to take your time when acclimating as they can be sensitive to rapid changes in salinity and temperature.