Saltwater Aquarium Books

Best Saltwater Aquarium Book

If you are simply looking for a good saltwater aquarium book, look no further. Many book stores are stocked with books that will only set you up for failure. The books are outdated and contain little relevant information about modern reefing keeping and equipment. If you are looking for a book with detailed pictures on how to set up and maintain a saltwater aquarium, consider ”The Reef Aquarium, Volume 3,” by Julian Sprung and J. Charles Delbeek.

The Reef Aquarium

This book covers everything you would ever want to know about saltwater fish tanks. Chapters include the Basics of Aquarium Selection and Design, Plumbing and Electrical, Filtration, Water Movement, Lighting, Water Chemistry, Aquascaping, Foods and Feeding and finally Aquarium Maintenance and Husbandry.

Consider “The Reef Aquarium” your ultimate reference guide to marine aquariums. Each topic is discussed in detail, but is still easy to read and understand. The book is also loaded helpful tips and advice to prevent you from making the typical and costly beginner mistakes.

Other topics within the chapters include Sumps, Live Rock Types, Why are Trace Elements Important, Calcium and Alkalinity, Dosing Vinegar with Kalkwasser, Protein Skimmer Theory, Use of Chaetomorpha, Measuring Light Intensity, Zooplankton and Copepods. Once you read “The Reef Aquarium,” you will have the knowledge to set up and maintain a successful saltwater reef aquarium.

Corals Invertebrates Quick Reference

If you looking for a Coral or Invertebrate book, Julian Sprung has also written “Corals: A Quick Reference Guide.” and “Invertebrates: A Quick Reference Guide,” These books have stunning high resolution photos of different corals and invertebrates and provides a basic care profile for each creature. If you are curious about different Corals and Invertebrates, then these books are for you!