T5 Fixtures

T5 Fixtures are some of the most popular lighting solutions for saltwater aquariums. Most will allow you to keep a wide range of corals and clams. In this T5 Fixture Review we will cover several popular brands.

T5 Fixtures Reviews

The first brand is the Current USA Nova Extreme. This line has many levels of performance, but we will discuss the two most popular. The first is their standard Nova Extreme fixture. It comes with two T5 bulbs and is suitable for anyone wanting to keep soft or LPS corals. Overall the T5 fixtures are fairly durable and has decent reflectors. It comes with one daylight and one actinic bulb. The next light is the Current USA Nova Extreme Pro which features six bulbs and is more than enough to keep most species of coral. It also has better reflectors and is fan cooled for better performance. It is more sturdy than the standard light. You can also create a dawn and dusk effect because the bulbs are on separate ballasts and power cords. This T5 Light Fixture is a good value for the price and includes bulbs.

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The next brand is the Coralife Aqualight T5 Fixture which is pretty much the same fixture as the standard Current USA Nova Extreme, but is a little bit more sturdy. This fixture is a safe bet for most aquarists and should run without problems for many years. It also includes bulbs and adjustable mounting legs.

The Sunlight Supply Tek Light is the best option if you plan to hang the fixture. These lights do not typically come with bulbs, so this provides you with the opportunity to purchase higher quality bulbs than what comes with the other fixtures. When comparing the T5 Nova Extreme Pro and the SLS Tek Elite they are fairly similar fixtures as far as features go, but Tek Fixtures have a better ballast that can be easily replaced. The Nova Extreme Pro is a better value, but the SLS Tek Light T5 Fixtures give you more options and customization.