Biorb Fish Tank

Welcome to your source for finding a Biorb Fish Tank online. If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant aquarium for your home or office then a Biorb Fish Tank is right for you. These easy to set up and maintain aquariums come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and include everything you need to get started.

Biorb offers several complete package systems. This simple guide will help you compare the different biorb aquarium systems and help you find the tank that is best for you. Biorb offers three different size aquariums including the Baby Biorb – 4 gallons, Biorb 30 – 8 gallons and Biorb 60 – 16 gallons. The typical goldfish bowl is between 1 and 4 gallons and the most popular tropical fish tank size is 10 to 20 gallons.

Baby Biorb Fish Tank

This stunning Biorb aquarium has a capacity of 4 gallons making it perfect for the kitchen or desk. It measures 12 inches in diameter and 13 inches tall. This aquarium does not have a heater, so it is ideal for goldfish and guppies. This package includes a halogen light, air pump, ceramic gravel, filter, bubble tube, air stone and tap water treatment to remove chlorine. There is also a Biorb Moonlight aquarium which makes a perfect night light for a child’s bedroom.

Biorb Fish Tank

Biorb Fish Tank – 30

The Biorb 30 is available in silver or black and measures 16 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall. This stylish and attractive aquarium is available as a cold water aquarium without a heater or light. The most popular option is the standard Biorb Aquarium with Halogen or LED Light. This model contains all the same equipment as the Baby Biorb, just a little bigger. The Biorb tropical aquarium is like the standard model, but includes a heater that will allow you to keep fish like tetras and cichlids. The difference between the Halogen and LED Light is the halogen fish tank light bulb will need to be replaced every year, whereas the LED light should last a lifetime.

Biorb Fish Tank – 60

The different package options mimic the Biorb 30, but the Biorb 60 boasts a slightly larger footprint that will allow you to keep more fish. It measures 16 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall. This fish tank makes an interesting conversation piece. If you are looking for a cube style aquarium you might also want to check out the Biube, a cousin of the Biorb Fish Tank.