Hydor Koralia

Hydor Koralia powerheads are an excellent choice for both freshwater cichlid and saltwater fish only and reef aquariums. Their compact design allows them to be hidden behind different ornaments such as plants, decorations, aquarium live rock and corals. There are several reasons why you should consider using Hydor Koralia water pumps for your aquarium.

Hydor Koralia Powerheads

There are many different models of Hydor Koralia powerheads which include the original, magnum and evolution. The Hydor Koralia Evolution pumps are available in three sizes, 750gph, 1050gph and 1400gph. These pumps create a a large amount of flow, but do it through a gentle stream, rather than a jet like most traditional powerheads. This stream effect is gentle enough for corals, but strong enough to keep detritus and other waste from settling in your aquarium. I’ve found that a 75 gallon reef aquarium will do well with two 1050gph or two 1400gph pumps plus the return pump from the sump. This seems to provide enough movement for soft and LPS corals. If you are considering SPS corals go with more flow.

Hydor Koralia Reviews

Hydor Koralia powerheads are a good value. These circulation pumps are less expensive then the Tunze stream pumps and cost less than a third of the price, but deliver the same results. I’ve found them to be just as reliable as Tunze and the Hydor Koralia Evolution models can be put on a wavemaker. The other industry standard is the Maxi-Jet 1200. In comparison, the Hydor Pumps move more water and cost only a little bit more. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have a jet effect like the Maxi-Jet pump. The only disadvantage is that it can’t double as a feed pump for a protein skimmer.

Hydor Koralia Features

Hydor Koralia

Koralia pumps have an adjustable base so that you can direct the flow in whatever direction you please. Another advantage is that it comes with a magnet that keeps it secure on the glass. No longer will you have to worry about suction cups coming loose and causing a sand storm in your aquarium. Hydor Koralia powerheads are also very energy efficient with most of them using less than 10 watts of power. If you compare this to a return pump, you will see the advantages.

Hydor Koralia Models

If you are trying to decide which model is right for your aquarium, a single 750gph Hydor Koralia powerhead will work well for most aquariums around 20 gallons. If you have a 40 gallon aquarium I would recommend two 750gph powerheads or one 750gph and one 1050gph powerhead. For larger aquariums, you can use a combination of different pumps, I like placing a pump in the back left and back right corner of the aquarium and then a smaller Hydor Koralia powerhead near the bottom.

Hydor Koralia Video

Here is a nice Hydor Koralia video that demonstrates the widespread flow and power of the pumps. Hydor Koralia pumps are strong enough to create some good surface agitation which increases oxygen levels in your saltwater aquarium. Yet, the flow is gentle enough for corals and fish.

Buy Hydor Koralia Powerheads

The best place to buy Hydor Koralia Powerheads is online. Most retailers will have a 50-100% markup on this product, so there are considerable savings available. Hydor rarely offers any coupons or discounts on their products, and there is usually a 10% difference in price between different online specialty stores sell Hydor Koralia pumps.