Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Saltwater Aquarium Setup 1. Select a location for the aquarium. A Saltwater Fish Tank Setup should be located away from direct sunlight and loud noises. The floor should also support the weight of the aquarium. Water weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon. If the aquarium is upstairs, consider what is below. 2. Level the aquarium …

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Moving An Aquarium

If you are moving an aquarium. Please print out these step by step instructions. I can be a difficult choice to my your fish tank. Some aquarists sell their aquarium and start with a new tank and their new location. That way they can plan and do things a little differently. If you want to …

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Acrylic Aquarium Vs. Glass Aquarium

Glass Aquarium One of the most common questions asked by a person starting a new fish tank is, “Which is Better, Acrylic or Glass Aquariums?” Most of the standard sized aquariums available at pet stores are made from glass. Glass Aquariums are relatively inexpensive in comparison to Acrylic Aquariums. They are held together by a …

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