Fluval Filters

Welcome to your source for finding the best deals on Fluval Filters online. This website is mostly about saltwater aquariums, but don’t worry you are still in the right place. The Hagen Fluval Canister Filter Series is a high powered, reliable and time-tested freshwater aquarium filter. With many different models available there is a size that is right for your tropical fish tank or planted aquarium.

Proper filtration is one of the most important aspects of keeping a successful freshwater aquarium. In fact, having a good filter can reduce algae growth and the amount of maintenance you need to perform. The Fluval is easy to set up and can be hidden inside your aquarium’s stand. This allows you to put your aquarium almost flush against the wall. It has all the features you would want in a canister filter including a self-priming pump and multi-stage filtration.

Fluval Filters – Fluval 305 & Fluval 405

Keeping an aquarium is easy when you have the power of a Fluval Canister Filter. The 305 model is suitable for aquariums up to 70 gallons and the 405 model is ideal for fish tanks up to 100 gallons. What makes Fluval Filters better than other traditional aquarium filters is that they use all three types of filtration, which are mechanical, biological and chemical. Reusable foam pads effectively trap waste and debris, and can be rejuvenated by rinsing them clean. They should be replaced every three to six months. Black Carbon provides chemical filtration to remove organics that cloud or stain your water. This gives your aquarium the desired crystal clear look. The carbon should be replaced every one to two months. Finally, ceramic media allows beneficial bacteria to colonize, which helps to break down harmful chemicals like ammonia and nitrite. This biomedia should be replaced once a year.

Fluval Filters

Fluval Filters Specifications

The Fluval 305 has a pump rated for 260 gallons per hour and has a maximum head pressure of 5 feet. Head pressure is how far a pump can push water vertically. It has a total capacity of 1.75 gallons and uses 15 watts of power. The Fluval 405 has a pump rated for 340 gph with a max head pressure of 7 feet and media capacity of 2.25 gallons. It uses 21 watts of power.

Fluval 304 & Fluval 404

These models have been discontinued and have been replaced with the new Fluval 305 and 405 models. If you are looking for replacement Fluval filters or parts, there is no need to worry as most can be purchased online from a reputable vendor. If you buy new Fluval filters or replacement part online you’ll save 30-40% compared to shopping at a big box retailer. Special medias like Zeo-Carb, Carbon, BioMax and Ammonia Remover can also be used in all Fluval Filters Models.