How To Feed My Fish

1. Find a small, clean bottle with a triangular, twist off neck.

Feed Fish

2. With a scissors, cut off part of the neck to allow larger pieces of food to exit. This will help prevent clogs.

Feeding Fish

3. Find a small cup or glass.

How To Feed Fish

4. Fill the cup part way with RODI water. Use Reverse Osmosis water to prevent extra phosphate and nitrate from entering the aquarium.

Best Way To Feed Fish

5. Add a cube of your favorite fish food. In this demonstration, Tropical Marine Center Gamma Food is used.

Frozen Fish Food

6. Wait a few minutes to let the food thaw.

Feeding Your Fish

7. Drain off the excess water so you are left with just food. This gets rid of any extra phosphates or nitrates that were released into the water. You may also strain the food through a Brine Shrimp Net.

Best Fish Food

8. Refill the cup with new RO water. If you strained the food through a brine shrimp net, pour reverse osmosis water through the net to return the food to the cup.

Learn To Feed Fish

9. Pour the water and the food into the plastic bottle.

How To Feed My Fish

10. Feed your fish only as much as they can eat in two minutes. Start by squirting little amounts of food into the aquarium and letting them eat. Continue to add food for up to two minutes, or until the fish appear to be full. You may also turn your pumps off during feeding to entice shyer fish out.

11. Any excess food can be reused the same day, or it can be thrown out. Rinse the food bottle with clean water.