Octopus Protein Skimmer

One of the most popular and most effective aquarium filters is the Octopus Protein Skimmer. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they all use needle wheel pumps to produce fine bubbles. These microbubbles attach to waste in the water and then rise to the top of the skimmer’s chamber. When the bubbles pop, the waste is released into the collection cup where it no longer has a negative effect on your saltwater aquarium’s water quality. These protein skimmers are extremely effective and are what most hobbyists would call the best bang for the buck. If you are searching for a filter for your reef aquarium, you need to consider the reef octopus protein skimmer line.

Octopus NW and Octopus Hang On Back Protein Skimmers

These skimmers have many different price points, but even their regular models are better than 90% of the other filters sold at the same price point. The most popular model is the Octopus NW-200 which is ideal for aquariums 75 to 125 gallons. It has an 8″ diameter body which allows plenty of contact time between the bubbles and the waste. If space is limited, try the Octopus protein skimmer NW-150 which has a 6″ diameter. There are also hang on the back skimmers that are perfect for nano aquariums. I personally ran a HOB Octopus protein skimmer on a 20 gallon aquarium and was extremely impressed. The tank pretty much ran itself and I had to perform very little in the way of maintenance.

Recirculating Octopus Protein Skimmer

They also have economically priced recirculation and cone skimmers. The RC line of skimmers require a feed pump, like a Maxi-Jet 1200, but allows you to run the Octopus protein skimmer externally or outside of the sump. They can also be ran inside a sump. I recommend running all skimmers inside a sump just in case there is ever a leak. That way the water will just go back into the sump instead of on the floor. The cone skimmers are also meant to imitate KZ’s line of skimmer, but at nearly a quarter of the price. The thought behind these skimmers is the conical design helps to improve the efficiency and decrease the choppiness of the water.

Reef Octopus Extreme

Other modifications on the Octopus Extreme Protein Skimmers include a better needle wheel driven pump. The Sicci Italian made pump, sucks in more air than the standard pump, which results in more bubbles. The Octopus protein skimmer body also has a built in bubble plate which reduces choppiness and turbulence in the chamber body and doesn’t let microbubbles exit back into the sump. This is important because you don’t want the bubbles disrupting the clarity of your main display.

Octopus Protein Skimmer Review

Octopus protein skimmers are also easy to operate once set up properly. They have an easy adjustment tube that locks in the water height in the skimmer body. This helps to establish consistent skimming. Many other models by different company’s tend to fluctuate inside the body and it can be difficult to get consistent skimming. Out of the box, setting the Octopus protein skimmer up can be a little confusing. Some people complain that the directions aren’t clear because it is just a diagram. Pretty much, you just need to connect the pump to the Octopus protein skimmer body and place the collection cup on the body. Then plugin the needle wheel pump and adjust the water level. It really is quite easy.

Octopus Protein Skimmer

Octopus Protein Skimmers are pretty much set and forget and will remove more waste than many of the other skimmers on the market. The Octopus protein skimmer line really helped to advance the saltwater aquarium industry because they kept the water clearer and reduced nitrates. As a result, many hobbyists were able to keep more difficult fish and corals. One thing to remember is that there are many imitators in the market, so be sure to get a real Octopus Protein Skimmer.