T5 Light Fixtures

With so many T5 Light Fixtures available on the market today it can be difficult to select a light that is best for your aquarium. In this short article, I will outline some basic buying tips to help you select the best t5 light.

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You should always shop online for your aquarium light fixture, many retail stores are marking their lights up 50-100%. As a previous saltwater fish store owner, I do recommend supporting your local fish store, but only if they have reasonable prices. Lighting is one of the most expensive components of starting a saltwater aquarium, so you want to make sure that you select a quality fixture. That way you can avoid upgrading your lights in the future, which cost hundreds of dollar.

Buy T5 Light Fixtures Reviews

One thing that I’ve noticed about aquarium lighting fixtures is that popular doesn’t always mean it’s better. In fact, some of the best fixtures come from smaller specialty brands and end up costing less and performing better. If you browse through any saltwater aquarium forum, you’ll also see the latest and greatest trend. You’ll find that everyone jumps on the bandwagon to try a new product and then quickly abandons it after a few months. I recommend purchasing a time tested T5 lighting fixture with a proven track record. The forums and online vendors are some of the best places to read light fixture reviews.

Here are few tips for buying T5 Light Fixtures. Buy a light that will support the corals you plan to keep. If you see yourself wanting to grow corals that require more intense light in the future, buy that light now, so you don’t have to waste money upgrading later. Buy a light with quality reflectors. Good reflectors can double your light output. Be sure to order bulbs if your new light fixture doesn’t already include them. If you buy T5 light fixtures that overdrive the bulbs make sure to have fans to keep the bulbs cool, otherwise they will need to be replaced more frequently.