UV Sterilizer

Aquarium UV Sterilizer

Many hobbyists get tricked into buying a UV Sterilizer because the fish store said they need it to keep a Blue Hippo Tang. Although a Fish UV Sterilizer will certainly help prevent and reduce the spread of disease, it will not make up for poor water quality and aquarium filtration. A UV Sterilizer is not required for a saltwater aquarium, but many hobbyists agree that it can reduce algae growth, increase water clarity and reduce disease outbreaks.

An Aquarium UV Sterilizer works by passing water over an ultraviolet lamp housed in a quartz sleeve. When water passes through the UV Sterilizer it kills or damages free swimming parasites and other algae spores. These micro organisms are no longer a threat to your aquarium fish.

UV Sterilizer

Selecting A Fish Tank UV Sterilizer

When selecting a Saltwater Fish UV Sterilizer follow the manufacturer’s instructions for bacteria and parasite control. Select a UV Sterilizer large enough for your aquarium and a Pump that will provide the optimal flow for bacteria or parasite control. You can’t over sterilize, but you can pass water over the bulb too quickly! Also purchasing a UV Sterilizer with a Wiper Blade will make maintenance easy, as it can be difficult to clean the quartz sleeve. Like all light bulbs, UV Sterilizer Bulbs will need to be replaced and lose their intensity over time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for bulb replacement; you should always replace the bulb before it burns out. If you are considering the purchase of a used UV Sterilizer, remember to ask when the last time the bulb was changed.

A UV Sterilizer is not necessary on a saltwater aquarium, but it can reduce algae growth and disease. An Aquarium UV Sterilizer is a good extra piece of equipment to have, but is no substitute for proper filtration and good aquarium husbandry.