Aquarium Chiller

Do you need an aquarium chiller? Depending on the region and reef type, the ocean’s surface temperature can vary from 70 to 90 degrees. Also remember that saltwater fish are collected at different depths in the ocean, the deeper the water the cooler the temperature. In the end, most reef specimens collected will acclimate to a reasonably maintained aquarium temperature. The most important thing is to keep your temperature consistent. The temperature can rise when the lights turn on, as well as when the indoor house temperature changes. Fans and Chillers are some of the most popular cooling devices. Temperature changes can also happen when the lights turn off, or the room becomes cooler. Heaters combined with a temperature controller are the most popular forms of heating a fish tank.

Selecting An Aquarium Chiller

Although some species of deepwater fish and corals prefer a cooler temperature around 65 degrees and need an aquarium chiller, most specimens available for the hobby can be kept in warmer temperatures. As you have probably found, there is no “Best Anything” in the aquarium hobby, however, it is generally safe to maintain a saltwater aquarium temperature between 74 degrees and 82 degrees with most hobbyists aiming for 78 degrees. This is not to say that 78 degrees is the best, but it works for most aquarists.

To help reduce temperature fluctuations you may need an aquarium chiller. When selecting an aquarium chiller you need to decide if you need an inline or coil chiller. A coil chiller has an adapter which can be placed in the aquarium sump and no other attachments are required. Whereas, an inline aquarium chiller must be plumbed inline and requires a pump to push water through it.

Aquarium Chiller Tips

Another consider is what HP Chiller you will need. This will be determined by the saltwater aquarium size and how warm the fish tank normally gets. Generally the larger the aquarium, the more HP is required. Follow the manufactures guidelines as they will make different size recommendations from brand to brand.

Aquarium Chiller

Always remember to place your aquarium chiller outside of the fish tank stand. Otherwise the heat created by the chiller will heat up your aquarium stand and actually increase the temperature of the water. Then the cabinet will become so warm that the chiller will actually fail. Because an aquarium chiller is a substantial investment you will want to take of it. To find the best deals on aquarium chillers, shop online. Very few fish specialty stores will have chillers on hand because of their cost.