Astrea Snail

Astrea Snail Green Hair Algae

The Astrea Snail or Conehead Algae Snail is good at eating a variety of algae including green hair algae. These snails are the most common and popular snails available to saltwater aquarists. They originate off the shores of Florida. They should be a staple in your reef aquarium. These snails are able maneuver over live rock and aquariums in search of green hair and film algae. They are less clumsy than their turbo snail cousins, but cannot flip themselves over if they fall off he glass. If the snails fall of the glass, other critters may eat them for their shell.

Astrea Snail Clean Up Crew

Like other snails, the astrea snail cannot tolerate high nitrate or copper levels. Take your time acclimating these snails as they are sensitive to rapid changes in salinity and temperature. One interesting note is that you’ll often notice that these aquarium snails lay eggs on the glass. Although, few of the baby snails will survive as they are usually eaten by fish or become trapped in the filter. One algae eating astrea snail is recommended per one to two gallons.