T5 Lights

There are currently two styles of of T5 Lights. The first is the traditional fluorescent bulb and the second is the T5 LED bulb. The traditional bulb has become very popular amongst aquarists because it provides as much power as metal halide lighting, but uses less energy. It also has a smaller footprint than other T12 and T8 aquarium bulbs. The diameter of a T5 light bulb is about the same as a dime.

Aquarium T5 Lights

If you are planning to keep a saltwater reef aquarium with corals or a freshwater planted tank, T5 Lights are the probably the best solution for your aquarium. You may be trying to decide if T5 is better than power compact lighting. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are not as intense as T5 bulbs and last only six months. They lose their intensity and begin to shift in color within the first three months of operation. Whereas the average T5 light lasts about one year and the average bulb costs less. There are also many more T5 bulb colors available including red, yellow, white, blue and purple.

Saltwater Aquarium T5 Lights

One of the most popular features on other light fixtures was LED aquarium moonlights. T5 LED lights take this to a whole new level by creating an LED that is gentle enough to simulate the moon, but powerful enough to create that desired shimmering effect that was once only found with metal halide lighting.

If you want more information on T5 Lighting, considering reading this helpful guide which covers T5 lights in more detail.