Biorb Filters Cartridges

You will eventually need replacement Biorb Fish Tank Filters to keep your Biorb Aquarium looking clean. These filters work in the Baby Biorb, Biorb 30, Biorb 60 and Biube Fish Tank Systems.

Biorb Filters and Maintenance

It is recommended that you also replace the incandescent bulb, air stones and gravel annually to keep your aquarium looking and performing at its best. For this, we recommend buying the Biorb Spring Clean Pack. The gravel should be replaced annually because the ceramic pores become clogged. This hinders the ability of the living bacteria to break down fish waste like ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Remove half of the old gravel and replace it will new gravel, then wait two weeks and replace the other half. This gives the bacteria enough time to recolonize and helps to ensure the health of your fish tank.

Biorb Filters