Nassarius Snail

Nassarius Snail Species

There are a few varieties of nassarius snail available in for the saltwater aquarium hobby. These little snails are excellent scavengers and are some of the most entertaining creatures to watch because they have a small, antenna-like siphon that waves in the water. They spend most of their time looking for food, decaying waste and detritus in the sand, but when you feed your aquarium they will all rush to the top of the sand in search of food.

Tongan Nassarius Snail

One larger species of nassarius snail is usually referred to as the Super Nassarius or Tongan Nassarius Snail. These larger nassarius snails also help stir the sand to maintain oxygen levels in the sand and to help prevent detritus build up. These aquarium snails have beautiful shells and make excellent scavengers. One nassarius snail is recommended per one to gallons of water.