Saltwater Aquarium Forums

Here are some of the most popular aquarium forums. It is nice to be able to interact with other people and get feedback or advice. Being involved with a live community also keeps you up to date with the trends. They are also a good resource for saltwater aquarium product reviews. You will also find …

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Biorb Filters

Biorb Filters Cartridges You will eventually need replacement Biorb Fish Tank Filters to keep your Biorb Aquarium looking clean. These filters work in the Baby Biorb, Biorb 30, Biorb 60 and Biube Fish Tank Systems. Biorb Filters and Maintenance It is recommended that you also replace the incandescent bulb, air stones and gravel annually to …

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Biorb Fish Tank Decorations

Biorb Fish Tank Decorations make a lovely addition to any aquarium. Adding a splash of color makes each Biorb Aquarium unique. Each non-toxic plastic plant is weighted with a ceramic bottom, so it blends in with the existing gravel and won’t float to the surface like other aquarium decorations. Choose from a wide variety of …

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