Coralife Lights

Coralife Lights is a manufacturer of aquarium lights and is partnered with Oceanic. You may be familiar with their popular aquarium products including the Biocube that features Coralife’s power compact or HQI metal halide lights. Coralife is known for making several different lighting types including power compact, T5, metal halide and LED moonlights. They also have several options to choose from within each lighting category. This article will discuss the many Coralife Aqualight fixtures, but you may also find our Fish Tank Lighting Guide helpful for selecting your aquarium light fixture.

Power Compact Coralife Lights

The Power Compact Coralife Aqualight is probably the most popular saltwater aquarium light produced to date. It features the choice between single or dual bulbs and comes with 50/50 bulbs or one actinic and one daylight bulb. The replacement bulbs for these fixtures are either 65 watt straight pin bulbs or 96 watt square pin bulbs. The 65 watt bulbs are used in 24 inch and 48 inch fixtures, whereas the 96 watt bulbs are used in the 36 inch and 72 inch fixtures. Two other popular Coralife lights include the Coralife Mini Aqualight which is perfect for refugiums and the 96 watt Coralife Power Quad that is ideal for a standard ten gallon aquarium. Most Coralife lights include built in fans and acrylic lenses. Some fixtures come with lunar aqualights feature for nighttime viewing.

Coralife Lights

T5 Coralife Lights

After power compact came the T5 Coralife Light. This light fixture is ideal for keeping a variety of corals and should be purchased instead of the power compact light. It is more intense and requires less power to run. T5 bulbs only need to be replaced once per year, whereas power compact bulbs should be replaced every six months. These lights also feature one actinic and one daylight bulb for enhanced coral coloration.

Coralife Lights also makes an HQI Metal Halide fixture. This is ideal for reef aquariums that require more light or are taller than 24 inches. These fixtures are available with 150 watt or 250 double ended 10,000K metal halide bulbs. You will notice that most of the Metal Halide Aqualight fixtures come with T5 Lighting or Power Compact lights for actinic supplements. This allows you to create a dawn dusk effect while still enjoying the shimmer that metal halide produces. Coralife Lights are well built and will last for many years, so feel confident when you make your purchase. You can save up to 30% by shopping online versus buying at your local fish store. You can also pick up some of your other saltwater aquarium necessities at a discount.