Elos Test Kits

I’ve used a variety of Test Kits for Saltwater Aquariums. If you are really into the hobby then consider picking up a few Elos Test Kits. I personally recommend the Elos Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, Phosphate and Nitrate Kits. They do make Ammonia, Nitrite and pH, but almost any regular test kit will be comparable.

Elos Test Kits Review

What I like about Elos Test Kits are their accuracy. They are much better than Salifert! and much easier to use than Salifert. The Elos instructions are generally easy to follow although the Magnesium test kit can be tricky at times. Just make sure to completely read through the instructions. They are always improving their test kits so make sure to review the instructions every time you order a new test kit and be sure to discard any elos test kits older than one year. This holds true for other brands of aquarium test kits no matter the manufacture.

Elos Test Kits Instructions

Most of the Elos Test Kits are based off of 5ml of water. Then you add a few drops of chemical and add a powder. Typically you are waiting for a color reaction or adding a reagent and counting drops until the color changes. Their color charts are very distinct and easy to read. Most tests take less than two minutes to complete.

Elos Test Kits

If I had to pick two Elos test kits, I would get the Calcium and Alkalinity kit. They are easy to use and give accurate results. They are also two of the most important kits for corals. Why I’m recommending Elos Test Kits over Salifert is they manufacture enough kits so they are always available, they have greater quality control, and you don’t have to use funny syringes and try to guess how much reagent is left.