Fiji Live Rock

Fiji Live Rock is the most common and widely available live rock. This rock was first imported several years ago and was considered by many the best live rock available for saltwater reef aquariums. Over the years, the quality of live rock coming out of Fiji has been hit or miss. There are some online vendors that are still able to get their hands on quality aquarium live rock that contains interesting life and coralline algae.

Fiji Live Rock Pictures

Many of the pictures online are somewhat deceiving and they only show the best live rock that the vendor receives. Many times hobbyists are disappointed when they order base Fiji live rock because the pieces are bare and end up looking like slabs or boulders. Be sure to order premium Fiji live rock or Fiji Branch live rock as it will more closely resemble the rock in the picture below. There should be some holes for fish to hide in as well as some interesting shapes and sizes.

Buy Fiji Live Rock

Another popular place to order live rock from was Tonga, but due to government restrictions this rock is no longer available. These coveted Tonga Branch and Tonga Slab pieces are now hard to come by. The good news is other island regions around the world have opened up for live rock exportation. Oftentimes the smaller islands have live rock with the more exotic life and shapes. Fiji live rock is of average density in comparison to other types of live rock, so approximately one pound per gallon will be required for your saltwater aquarium.

Fiji Live Rock