Live Rock For Sale

Many people exiting the saltwater aquarium hobby oftentimes sell their live rock on Craigslist. Buying live rock online or from someone locally, can save money on the initial start up cost of a saltwater aquarium. You should expect to see live rock for sale being offered from two to five dollars per pound. If the live rock for sale is of an extremely rare variety, has corals attached to the rock or has excellent purple coralline algae growth you may pay more. The most important thing is not inherit someone else’s problems. There are reason’s why someone is getting out of the hobby and it might be that they were unsuccessful.

Live Rock For Sale Tips

The first problem that you do not want to inherit is a bunch of unstackable live rock. This includes pieces that are extremely heavy or dense, pieces that have no holes or caves or rocks shaped like boulders. You also do not want to inherit any of the pests or bad hitchhikers which might include aiptasia anemones, flatworms, green hair algae, red slime algae and mantis shrimp. It is difficult for the novice aquarist to pick out these creatures, especially if the rock is sitting in a container and is not in the aquarium. If the rock is not in the tank, make sure that it is still moist. You may also see if someone is selling aquarium live rock in your local saltwater fish tank club. This is one of the best places to find live rock for sale.