Marco Rocks

Marco Rocks is essentially base or dry live rock for saltwater aquariums. The concept is to use dried live rock to create a base structure in your aquarium. There are several advantages to Marco Rocks which include generally better shapes and sizes than traditional live rock, lower cost, and no pests like mantis shrimp.

Dry Marco Rocks

This aquarium live rock is safe to use in a saltwater aquarium, but sometimes needs to be rinsed under water or given a muriatic acid bath. Some types of base live rock that they are carry are certainly more clean than others, so take this into consideration when ordering. You can also call ahead and request specific shapes and sizes which is nice. Most orders are packaged in cardboard boxes and are shipped ground without any damage occurring to the rock. You should also be sure to seed your Marco Rocks with some traditional live rock from places like Fiji to get some additional life and bacteria.

Marco Rocks Review

Overall, I would recommend this product for anyone starting a new saltwater aquarium because it is a more affordable way to get into the hobby, it just takes a little more patience as it requires more time for the living organisms to colonize. The shapes are outstanding and this makes aquascaping your Macro Live Rock fun and easy. From time to time Tonga rock will be available which is particularly heavy, but allows you to make unique shapes and rock structures.