Oceanic Aquariums

Oceanic Aquariums and Coralife are manufactures of popular aquarium products. The company has been specializing in what they call market leading aquarium products for years, but do their claims really add up? In this review I discuss both the pros and the cons of their different products.

Oceanic Aquariums Review

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of Oceanic Aquariums. They have consistently produced beautiful aquariums and aquarium furniture. Oceanic usually offers a lifetime warranty on their aquariums, but be sure to use one of their stands, otherwise it voids the policy in most instances. Over the years, Oceanic has continued to innovate and improve their aquariums. They’ve kept up with with the latest trends and have developed a line of Starfire and Rimless aquariums.

Nano Oceanic Aquariums

They also created a nano aquarium called the Biocube that changed the industry. It allowed many more people to join the hobby who didn’t have the space for a traditional aquarium. Oceanic does a beautiful job on all of their products. Overall, these Oceanic aquariums are well built and will work well for novice to intermediate hobbyists.