Oceanic Biocube

The Oceanic Biocube follows the tradition of other high quality Oceanic products. This easy to maintain aquarium can be used for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium setups. The surface skimming action helps to remove surface oils and films that normally build up in traditional fish tanks. It has a built in wet dry filter that is stored behind a false back, which is ideal for breaking down ammonia and nitrite and provides more gas exchange to increase oxygen levels. The replacement filter pad features a fine floss and carbon to provide adequate mechanical and biological filtration. There is also a small cutaway where you can see the return pump and check the water level in the compartment.

Oceanic Biocube Features

Many hobbyists like the self contained look of the Biocube. The aquarium hood normally includes power compact lighting, but may be upgraded to metal halide. There are also blue LED moonlights for nighttime viewing and integrated fans to keep the nano fish tank cool. All of the lights can be controlled with different power cords to create a stunning twenty four hour lighting cycle. The curved glass provides three viewing panes so that you can observe your aquarium from many angles. The added depth of the cube design makes aquascaping easy. Most aquarists find that they really enjoy their Oceanic Biocube Aquarium.
The Biocube 29 gallon aquarium is a revolution in nano aquariums. The tank has been a favorite in the reef keeping community because of its versatility and ability to be customized. Not only is it a perfect tank for beginners, but it is a tank that you can upgrade as you become more advanced in the hobby. You may order an optional stand for this aquarium, but many people place it on a desk or piece of furniture in their home. The Biocube 29 has a removable aquarium hood to make maintenance easy, but most aquarists like the hood because it hides the open water and internal lights. It also has built in filtration that is hidden in a back compartment.

Biocube 29 Lighting Options

The Biocube comes with a variety of lighting options including power compact and metal halide. This lighting is suitable for most corals and the metal halide light will offer a shimmering effect, but may add more heat. Some aquarists are creating DIY projects to integrate T5 or LED lighting into the hood. Oftentimes, these modifications make the hobby more exciting in addition to the livestock.

Biocube 29

The dimensions of the Biocube 29 create enough real estate to house three or so small fish and give you enough room to aquascape the live rock. Although the protein skimmer and wet dry filter that Biocube sells is suitable, many hobbyists remove the bio balls from the internal wet dry filter and replace it with rubble live rock or a refugium. A refugium requires an extra light to keep the macro algae like chaetomorpha or caulerpa alive, so you may install a small LED or incandescent bulb.

Oceanic Biocube Aquarium Review

The Biocube is an affordable alternative to a large reef aquarium if you are on a budget or simply do not have the space. The Biocube comes with almost all of the equipment required to run a successful reef aquarium. It allows you to try the hobby and experiment with a wide range of fish, corals and invertebrates without having to worry about whether or not you have the right equipment. You will need to purchase a heater, most hobbyists will buy a 100 watt titanium heater. Do not buy a glass heater as it will crack from the salt in the water.

Overall, the Biocube 29 is a great aquarium for hobbyists of all levels. If you enjoy optional DIY projects or want the look of an all in one aquarium, then myself and many aquarists would recommend this nano aquarium to you. It can also be used as a planted tank.

Oceanic Biocube