Turbo Snail

The Turbo snail is one of the most popular aquarium snails and is known for eating large amounts of green hair algae. These snails grow much larger than astrea snails and one is recommended per five gallons. If you are suffering from green hair algae, you should consider adding a few turbo snails to your saltwater aquarium. To make their job easier, remove all the long strands of hair from your saltwater aquarium by plucking it out manually. This can usually be accomplished in a few minutes. Be sure to remove any chunks from your overflow as well.

Turbo Snail Green Hair Algae

Then place all of the turbo snails on one rock and let them clean that area. The next day, gather up the snails again and put them on a new piece of aquarium live rock. Continue to do this until they’ve eaten all of the green hair algae. If for some reason your turbo snails aren’t moving they are probably dead. You will want to pull one out and smell it. If it smells awful, they it is dead and should be removed from the aquarium. Chances are the snails were improperly acclimated or your saltwater aquarium’s parameters were not appropriate for them. Test salinity, ammonia and nitrate.

Turbo Snail Clean Up Crew

Due to their large size, turbo snails can also be somewhat clumsy and will knock over small corals. You can fasten your corals with an aquarium putty or reef glue. These snails cannot flip themselves over if they fall on their back, so they may require your help from time to time. This is one of the only disadvantages of having a a turbo snail in your saltwater aquarium. Also be aware that hermit crabs will try to eat fallen turbo snails.