Kent Marine Pro Scraper

Kent Marine Pro Scraper Features

To keep an aquarium looking its best, you should start by cleaning the glass or acrylic wall of the tank. The best algae scraper for the job is the Kent Marine Pro Scraper. The Pro Scraper comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and has interchangeable plastic blades for acrylic aquariums and metal blades for glass aquariums.

The handles are made from a strong and durable ABS plastic and feel sturdy in your hand. They don’t feel cheap or flimsy. With man different sizes and lengths, you will able to more easily clean your aquarium no matter the size of depth. This scrapper is good for removing most freshwater algae and is also effective on coralline algae.

Kent Marine Pro Scraper Reviews

Overall, I was impressed with the Kent Marine Pro Scraper. In fact, this is my tool of choice for acrylic saltwater aquariums that I can’t use a razor blade on. At times it can be difficult to remove coralline algae, but the trick is to angle the Kent Marine Pro Scraper blade.

Kent Marine Pro Scraper